Minister Minister

As a country, to succeed the progress we have in development, democracy and good governance; the beneficiary and participatory of citizens in political, societal and economical developments are given a higher priority. Accordingly, high efforts are made to achieve the best interests of the citizens.

To own good governance, all tents of the true democracy should be functional in the systems of the government. The practical participation of citizens based on their rights and responsibilities is also necessary to strengthen and achieve good governance.

Ministry of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs is creating favorable conditions to achieve organizational and national goals; by making its service delivery based on modern leadership mechanisms and mobilizing stakeholders (citizens) in the sense of ownership according to its duties and responsibilities.

To satisfy the ever growing needs of the nation the ministry is implementing its Citizen Charter. In the process of the implementation, the ministry aims to work with stakeholders in a consistent pertain so that it helps to harmonize its service with the interest of the public. Therefore, the Citizen Charter is prepared in collaboration with stakeholders (the public).

Thus, the employees of the ministry are expected to serve the public with none of defects. I can say that, to achieve this goal all staffs should consider the Citizen Charter as a responsibility tool and work hard to accomplish the goals of Ethiopian renaissance.

Thank You!